Custom Software Development

DataCraft specializes in custom 4th Dimension software development. For more than ten years now, DataCraft has been creating quality custom databases for Macintosh and Windows. DataCraft takes the same care in designing our clients' custom solutions as when creating a commercial product.

DataCraft's experience in requirements assessment, system design, product development, scheduling and cost estimating minimize costly rework that is typical in custom databases. The results are quality products, reduced project cost, and long-term customer satisfaction.

DataCraft also has extensive experience with updating and maintaining existing 4D based systems, both onsite and remotely. If you have a 4D based application that's in need of help, we'll be glad to work with your in-house developers.

Getting it right the first time is DataCraft's strength.


DataCraft uses the 4th Dimension suite of products to create:

  • Custom Business Software
  • Fast, Client-Server Databases For Up To 100 Users
  • Cross-Platform (Windows & Macintosh) Applications
  • Web Publishing and Email Clients
  • Low-Cost Software Prototypes

For some info on remote development and a bit more about who we are take a peek at More About DataCraft.

Contact Us!

If you have a project in mind, contact us at sales@DataCraft-Inc.com. We'll be glad to discuss your project, and explain how the development process works.


825 N. 500 W.
Moab, UT 84532


Foundation Users

If you use or have questions about Foundation, the preeminent development shell for 4D, go to FoundationShell.com.

Code, Pictures & Resources

If you're looking for code snippets, 4D resources or pictures of 4Ders and from the 4D Summit, go to 4thDimension.com.