4th Dimension, 4D, relational database, rapid application development system, web server, web services client and server, Ajax Framework, XML capable, native SQL, cross-platform, plus a most excellent debugger
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What's All This Then?

I'm a long-time 4th Dimension database developer who felt the need to put together a few resources for the 4D community consisting of some code examples and components, pictures of people in the 4D world and some general 4D related info.

I also do contract 4D development, design and troubleshooting. If you have a need, email me or give me a call. If I can't help you, I probably know someone who can.

What's In Here

4th Dimension Code Code Snippets

4th Dimension People 4D People

4D Summit 4D Summit

4th Dimension Services Developer Services

4th Dimension Resources Resources

Code Snippets

Like many of y'all, I've written, modified and copied a raft of routines which are strewn about the universe in the cores of gas giants, also known as previous projects. I've decided to pull as many of the useful ones as possible, document them, declare the variables and name them something other than vGroovyText, TheBlob, Var_TypeWhaa42 and put them here. What I've put here are a few example databases, a couple of components and a handful of standalone routines. If any of youseguys (see, I speak Yankee too) want some bit of code posted here, just send it to me along with some documentation.

4D People

Many of us have read email from fellow 4Ders whom you've never had the opportunity to meet. So, over time, fuzzy pictures form in your head to keep the millions of years of evolution, which didn't account for communication with others without seeing their faces, from causing your head to explode. Well, I'm going to help keep your head intact by posting pictures of everyone in the 4D community who will be so kind as to send me their picture.

Familiarize yourself with the over 11,000,000 pictures I have posted of 4D Folk. (That is, of course, binary.)

4D Summit

You've heard that the 4D Summit is the place to be to get training on all the cool stuff 4D can do, meet developers, rub elbows with 4D's gurus and to get the latest and greatest news of upcoming stuff. Well bucko, you heard that 'cause it's true! Not only can you attend a veritable plethora of mind bursting sessions, but you can also walk right up to any 4D employee and offer to buy them a beer. They will almost surely say yes and then tell you exactly when 4D Goldfinger Universal X15 is coming out.

Take a look at some pictures I've taken from 4D Summits of yore.

Developer Services

I've been developing in 4D since it was released in the US as version 1 in 1987. I specialize in picking up dropped databases and running with them. I've also created my fair share of brand spankin' new systems, including one that has been in continuous use since 1988.

If you need work done on your new or existing 4D system, contact me and we can determine if I'm the right developer for your job or who in the world of 4D developers is.


This section contains general info, links and other sausage-like goodies that you may find useful. If you have something you'd like to add, contact me.