This page contains links to books, example databases and generally useful information. Email me if you have corrections, updates, additions, subtractions or multiplications.

4D Inc.'s site is a great place to get demos, examples, technical notes and tips. Looking at the example databases is a great way to learn how to do stuff in 4D. They're all open source, so you can tear out the juicy bits and stick 'em right into your system!

Last time I checked you could download some really old versions of 4D from The 4D Museum.

You should really check out The 4D Summit. It's the annual conference where 4D developers learn, meet each other and have a lot of fun.

You can search the 4D Tech List email messages at Gmane. If you can imagine a question, it's likely to be there. If it's not, or if you just can't find it, you're special. Which kind of special may depend on whether or not you think "I can't find it" is the same as "it's not there". Either way, it's nice to be special.

· Reading ·

Steve Hussey's book Jumpstart 4D. It's a free download and well worth the price! :-7 What better way to spend an evening than curled up in front of the glow of your laptop, reading a 4D book, knowing that you've done double duty saving trees. You're reading a book that didn't require a tree to be cut down and that glow isn't from a tree burning in your fireplace. Ahhhhh.....

David Adams' site has a lot of good reading, including the book 'Programming 4th Dimension'. It was written with 4D v6.0 in mind, but it's more about the principles and technique of writing 4D applications than anything too specific to version 6, so it's well worth getting.

· Sites with useful 4D info and code ·

4D Today is the site to go every day for news, tips, a poll and so much more.

4D Wiki is a Wiki for 4Ders. If you think a Wiki is a material to help keep you dry, then maybe you're in the wrong biz. I'm just sayin', ya know.

And if Steve Hussey didn't already have enough sites... Go to his site OS-X and 4D for info on running 4D on a Mac.

Hey! There's a nice Google Map mashup of 4D developers! Very cool!

4D Code Exchange is a good place to look for code examples, components and tips.

Skinner Consulting has a binary search component which searches an array using the traditional binary search algorithm in native 4D code.

· 4D, Inc. Resources ·

4D Tech Tips
4D Tech Notes
Partners Program
4D Ajax Framework Developer Guide
4D Web 2.0 Pack Wiki

· Email lists for 4D ·

The ones hosted by 4D, inc. can be found on their email lists page.

 · The 4D Basics List is for developers relatively new to 4D.

 · The 4D Tech List, aka the 4D iNUG is primarily for technical questions and discussion related to 4D.

 · The 4D Biz List is for non-technical 4D discussion.

 · The 4D Pub is where 4D folk go to unwind and discuss anything under the sun, as long as it's not too technical.