4D development and support for Mac and Windows

I wrote my first commercial database in version 1.0.4 of 4D in 1987 and have been doing it ever since. The majority of my work is done on existing systems, sometimes because developers realize they're in over their heads and need a lot of help or maybe just need a bit of help getting past some tough spots. Sometimes because developers decide to leave their clients or when clients feel the need for a change in developers. And often because a business owner decides that their company needs them to focus on running the business more than on the 4D manuals.

On site and remote development

The vast majority of my work is done remotely. I feel that this is the best way to get the most work done for the least cost to the client. It is, however, useful or even necessary to do work onsite at times. In fact it's a valuable way to begin a project since it allows for a way for the developer to more fully understand the needs of the client. It is also a good way for the client and developer to establish a strong basis for communication, which is vital for a project to succeed.

Then, for the most part, working remotely allows the developer to work in their most productive environment while at the same time saving the client the costs of paying a developer for time not directly pertaining to their projects. The majority of projects, whether new or existing systems, start out with a lot of work which needs to be done quickly, then taper off to a, more or less, steady state consisting of maintenance, enhancements and updates. There are, of course, situations where hiring a full-time developer is the better option. It's worth a company's time to make the most informed decision in this regard.

Fortunately with the availability of high speed internet connections, virtual private networks (VPN) and remote desktop connection software, email, instant messaging, video conferencing, etc. there is less of a need to incur the added expense of hiring an full-time employee.

If you need help with your existing database, want a hand getting one off the ground or want one built from the ground up, shoot me an email and I'll give you a call. I may be the right fit for your project and if I'm not, I'll help you find someone who is. I've been in the 4D community for quite awhile and know a veritable plethora of other developers around the world.

Companies I've written 4D for:

Anodizing Graphics of Texas
Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology
Bolmer Grounds Maintenance
Caldwell Publishing
Colorado Lending Source
Corporate Health Resources
Equitable Services
Food Bank of the Rockies
Generation 21
Horizon Software
Linbeck Contruction
National Technology Transfer
Perfection Learning
Ryan Hodge
SMK Sales
St. John's Hospital
Steve Pailet
Winds of Change